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Deshaies and its surroundings

Deshaies is a typical Creole fishing village. It is also a touristic and seaside resort, one of the most beautiful villages of our island.
It is a village nestled at the bottom of a bay protected by the mountain.
It has some charming beaches :Grande Anse, La Perle, Cluny, Rifflet.

It has beautiful trails, a village and a charming port. Many activities are offered: Scuba diving, fishing and boat trips, horse-riding, kayaking and standing paddle on the lagoon, hiking.
Many cruise ships stop there.

The English TV show “Death in Paradise” has been shot there for years and you can visit some sites where the episodes were filmed.
From March 2019 a shuttle will take you to Montserrat, Antigua or Saint Kitts.
Nearby is the beautiful Botanical Garden, former estate of Coluche (a French humorist) where grow beautiful flowers and tropical plants.
There are several beautiful waterfalls where you can bath: the cascade of “Le saut des 3 cornes”, “Ecrevisses” waterfall, Carbet waterfall and Moreau waterfall.

You can dive in the Cousteau Reserve to admire turtles and multicolored fishes.
Deshaies is a resting village.

Here is a song written by one of our Canadian guests who had an unforgettable stay at our place…
*Nothing to do with the Mambo

Leave Montreal, its freezing streets
To discover this sweet island
Amour Deshaies, we’ll like it there
Ô no, we will never forget you

Do you hear the roosters sing?
The sound of whips being slammed?

Grande Anse, your waves splash us
Our swimsuits have been made luscious
It smells like smoked chicken
We meet Charlebois between two tours

Have you seen the little lagoon?
The green ray on the horizon?

Déhé, Déhé,
Or kamankémwen (I miss you)
Déhé, Déhé,
Paskémwenenme or (Because I love you)

The flora and fauna are magnificent
Visit to the botanical garden
With a beautiful view of the village
The Coluche house, its surroundings

Do you know the devil’s tree?
A parrot called Jazz?

Déhé, Déhé,
Or kamankémwen (I miss you)
Déhé, Déhé,
Paskémwenenme or (Because I love you)

High near the Mamelles
From tree to tree on bridges
Saki monkeys have ass in ‘face
The cursed fig trees take all the place

Are you afraid of tight curves?
Very rugged steep hillsides?

Chorus (2 times)
Lyrics: Martin Hudon (February-March 2019)


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